Manmohan Choudhuri was a freedom fighter, author, thinker, and painter of Odisha. He could trace his lineage to Sarala Das, the first poet of Odisha as well as to one of the illustrious families, who shaped the modern Odisha. Manmohan Choudhuri, closely worked with Mahatma Gandhi, Vinobaji, Jay Prakash Narayan and counts Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan, Dinbandhu Andrews as his friends.

He was closely associated with Sarvodaya movement, Gandhi Smarak Nidhi, Gandhian Institute, and the Sarva Seva Sangh. Following Gandhiji, Shri Choudhuri learnt and propagated techniques like bee keeping, leather processing, and scientific agriculture among rural people in Odisha.

Shri Choudhuri was an amateur astronomer, physicist, and has a definite view of the economic model for Indian society. A strong believer in freedom of thought, Shri Choudhuri was jailed by the British, as well as the government of free India during emergency (in 1975). He has a dislike for government sponsored awards and recognitions, but received awards for his books, and a doctor honoriscausa from Utkal University. Shri Choudhuri was a prolific writer, and a painter. This site presents his writings, paintings, and some writings on him.


Born on : 11th. October 1915

Education : Largely educated at home instead of attending a Government School.

1930 : Joined in the Salt Satyagrah and was arrested and tortured by British Police when he was 15 years. Took pledge on 26th. January for ‘poorn’– total-Swaraj along with many others.

1931 : Joined Hindustani Seva Dal as a probationer and organised Bandar ( monkey) camp.

1932 : Was imprisoned in Hajaribag Jail for 3 months. Another 6 months in Patna Camp Jail.

1933 : Was released from Jail and joined emergency assistance corp.

1934 : Joined in Gandhiji’s monthlong Harijan Padyatra as a reporter and photographer. Joined in the Training centre of Satish Chandra Dasgupta and learnt Chemistry.Besides tannery along with industrial skills and conducted organisational workshops.

1936 : Established leather cottage industry in Bari of Odisha.Started Honey bee cultivation and taught to nearby villagers. Written a book on it as well as established Honey bee cooperative society. Setup primary Congress Committees in nearby villages. He became the founder member of Congress Socialist Party.

1938 : Helped in organising Gandhi Seva Sangh Adhivesan at Delang of Puri. Nominated as a member of All India Congress Committee , representing Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee.Edited weekly journal ‘Rachna O Vinoba Vichar’ in Odia.Also translated several Sarvodaya literature to Odia.

1939 : Came in close contact with Rabindra Nath Tagore at Puri.

1940 : He was imprisoned for joining Vani Satyagrah.

1942-45 : Imprisoned for joining the quit India movement.

1946 : Married to Sumitra Banerjee at Sevagram Ashram. Became secretary of the Utkal Charkha Sangh and joined Gram Seva Yojana programmes.

1947 : Became founder secretary of Utkal Khadi Mandal.

1953 : Joined Vinoba’s Bhoodan movement.

1955 : Participated in the foot march of Vinoba’s Bhoodan Movement in Odisha and walked for 4004 miles with Vinobajee. Translated speeches of Vinobajee in Odia.

1958 : Founded Utkal Sarvodaya Mandal. Lost his father Gapabandhu Choudhuri in the same year.

1962-68 : Was nominated president of Sarv Seva Sangh.

1964 : began a peace mission in Rourkela during communal riots.

1968 : Nominated as the member of Khadi and Village Industries Commission of India.

1970 : Participated inthe world religious conference and a tv programme in Germany. Toured European Countries and discussed with the peace mission pacifists.

1971 : Took charge as the President of Utkal Gandhi Smarak Nidhi and established Sarvodaya Relief Committee. Participated in PUCL and other Human Rights organisations. Joined as a member of Gandhi Peace Foundation.

1974 : Joined Total Revolution Movement of Jay Prakash Narayan.

1975 : Was imprisoned for 19 months during the emergency.

1978 : Started Kathajodi Baluta Sangha to spread literacyamong local lads.

1992 : Undergone angioplasty. Has been to the Babri Masjid site to protest against its demolition. He vehemently opposed the Dunkel pact.

2000 : Nominated as the President of Gandhian Institute of Studies inVaranasi.

2002 : He was taken seriously ill was cured after a major operation. Founded Cuttack Nagar Shanti Maitri Committee for local communal harmony.

2003 : He became the reception Chairman of 39th Sarvodaya Samaj Sammelan.

Died on : 11th. June 2003.

Writings on him

In the eighties, I ran an organization named ‘Nachiketa Sangha’, for the children and adolescents at Cuttack’s Khannagar slum. Every month, we invited a few well known personalities to meet and interact with the children. The topic for interaction is selected by the invitee. We had once invited Bulubhai (Manmohan Choudhuri) to take part in one of these programmes. We had expected that he is a Gandhian, would say something about Gandhi, Vinoba, the independence struggle , or on some other similar topic; or even give some advice to the children. But he spoke about birds for two hours - which all birds he had seen on sides of Kathajodi River, their nature, humorous stories about them. The children also joined in, and talked of their experiences. It was not a drab one sided discourse, rather it was a friendly talk. Rather than Gandhi, the children were now getting more acquainted with Gandhian philosophy. They were getting aware about the nature’s bounty at their backyard and about some colourful aspects about nature. They were enlightened about Gandhian theory, about Gandhi and about humanity’s real aspect.


As the scion of an aristocratic Zamindar family, Manmohan Choudhuri had the right environment and opportunity to pursue a successful career in judiciary, civil service, engineering, medicine or any other lucrative profession. He had a scientific bent of mind with a refined sense of art, culture and literature. From early childhood he displayed all the essential ingredients required for making of a scientist, engineer, master craftsman, artist and innovator.

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Discussion about the Freedom fighting, Social working and thinking about the Sarvodaya movement.

- Writer: Dr. Jadunath Prasad Das, Reknowned Cardiologist  READ MORE











Some of the books written by Manmohan Choudhuri.

Manmohan Choudhuri Rachana Sangraha

Kranti Yatra (1956)

Gramadan Andolan (1963)

Satyagraha (1969)

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Manmohan Choudhuri Rachana Sangraha

Chaase Mulia Mundre Chadak (1990)

Aektar Ahwan (1990)

Aviyog patra (1992)

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Manmohan Choudhuri Rachana Sangraha

Manmohan Badmyare Brahmajigyasha

Europe Yatra Dairy

Hata Bazara

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Exploring Gandhi

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Manmohan Choudhuri Rachana Sangraha

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